The Romantics

Your paper should be typed, double-spaced (no extra spacing between paragraphs), and at least 500 words long. You have to use at least one academic secondary source in addition to your primary source. This means a legit, scholarly article, NOT or Wikipedia and for the love of all thatƒ??s holy, not Sparknotes. Opinion pieces, blogs, and non-scholarly websites do not count as academic sources. Use academic journal articles (see ƒ??databasesƒ? on the library website), books or book chapters, legitimate academic sites, etc.
Use brief quotes from both primary and secondary sources to support your thesis. You must document your sources in the MLA style. You may not recycle works submitted in other classes. You may not use any fact, quotation, or idea from any other source without EXPLICITLY documenting it. Failure to properly document sources is plagiarism.
Present an assertive thesis that proves a relevant point about the text. Make sure you donƒ??t just summarize the work. Avoid arguing the obvious (eg, ƒ??Jaws is about a shark). Instead

Why Accounting homework is difficult?

There are several reasons due to which student struggles with accounting homework.

  • The first reason is the mathematical numbers used in abundance.
  • The second reason is the pressure that the generated results put on the accountant.
  • Generated results are important to the regulators and investors for taking crucial decisions about the company.
Due to the above-mentioned cause.

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